Much of my work is a team effort. Here’s credit where credit is due.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Annual Reports were designed by the incredible Renessa Ciampa of Ciampa Creative, and built by me. Alan Raymond was managing editor and wrote the main Corporate report, and Sarah Welch DeMayo of Vibrancy Communications wrote the Corporate Citizenship and Diversity & Inclusion reports.

Though I recently rejoined ActBlue as their Product Designer in May 2017, the site has gone through some design changes since I was a designer and front-end developer on their team from 2006-2009. I can only take credit for some of the CSS and HTML markup that remains, though the fact that it is still in their codebase is a testament either to their laziness or the enduring quality of the work. Rocket also contributed CSS, markup and Ruby on Rails development.

Public Transit Public Good for Community Labor United, CERO Recycling Co-op, and Upwell were designed and built by me during my time as a worker-owner at Quilted, with build support from fellow worker-owners Rocket and Colin Sagan.

I designed and built Interaction Institute for Social Change with some massive build support from Mark Toce.

Bitch Magazine was a whole-team effort at Quilted.